Business Improvement Ideas


Simple Thoughts 

Cash is King.  Focus your efforts on maintaining a healthy cash balance and keep emergency cash reserves.  Keep the company’s cash in at least 2 different banks. 

Supervisors manage 3 things; Time, Money and People.  If you get the best possible People, you will have fewer Time and Money issues.  Surround yourself and company with positive people and avoid negative people when possible. 

Involve as many people as possible in all hiring decisions in order to make the best possible hiring decision.  If you make a hiring mistake, acknowledge the error, cut your losses quickly and hire someone else. 

Woody Allen said, 90% of life is just showing up.  Be on time every day, show up with a positive attitude and give your best effort every day. 

Profit sharing programs can be used to encourage all managers and employees to make a positive contribution to company profits.  A company will be more profitable when employees are involved and committed to increasing net income and sharing in the profit sharing rewards. 

Many organizations accent the negative rather than the positive. Many people hear negative performance comments more often than positive performance comments.  It is more important to recognize, encourage and reward good results and behaviors. 

Do not compromise your core values.  Honest business practices are the best business practices. 

Win win business outcomes are the best business practices.  The truth will set you free and an honest man does not need to have a memory.  

When making tough decisions, ask yourself, “What would I do if my money were at risk?” 

Make decisions based on what is best for the company and not based on who is right. 

Sometimes there is not enough time to make a perfect decision so make your decision based upon the available facts. 

It is okay to be selfish about your health and it should be a top priority.  Without good health you cannot take care of ourselves nor family, friends and business. 

People should maintain their health with one workout activity they like and also choose a charity or religious organization or activity to help other people.  Businesses should encourage their employees to participate in healthy and charitable community activities. 

Whenever possible, support the local business community by doing business with local companies.  

When purchasing business insurance policies, it is much more important to be efficient (have the correct insurance and coverage) than it is to be efficient (cut costs and coverage).